Grab a brew, settle in…

The idea for Just a Game came after conversations with friends and colleagues that shone a light on the box that a lot of people can put video games in to. I would be waxing lyrical about some game I’d been playing, talking about the emotional weight, the character development, the choices and problem solving – and the response was confusion that I was talking about a video game.

Aren’t video games just pointing and shooting and killing though?

The fact is there’s a whole lot of games out there that delve a whole lot deeper and me and a host of talented guest writers will be looking in to them to uncover what it is that makes them so much more than just a game.

I love video games. They are art, entertainment and escapism. They are silly, funny and puzzling. They hold up a mirror to our world and can help explore culture, society, representation, stereotypes – to name but a few. They can pave the way for positive change.

Plus they can take you on a journey across an epic landscape on a rainy Sunday afternoon without needing to stray too far from the kettle.

Whether you want to relive one of your favourite games or read up on whatever it is your partner or friend is playing this month, I hope you enjoy looking a little closer in to what can be achieved using an immersive platform that promotes active engagement over passive viewing.

Thanks for stopping by!

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