True Colours: Good Vibes

Never has a game felt more like a warm hug than Life is Strange: True Colours. The third in the Life is Strange series, it follows the story of Alex, a girl who has been in and out of the foster care system, and who has now travelled to the town of Haven Springs toContinue reading “True Colours: Good Vibes”

Overcooked 2: Working Together

In a year that has felt like everyone is doggedly just trying to make it through whilst waiting for the next blow to fall, Overcooked 2 (created by Ghost Town Games) has been such a good way to let off steam and forget the woes of 2020. Once you’re in it, it’s impossible to thinkContinue reading “Overcooked 2: Working Together”

Control: The Challenge

Contains story spoilers. Control is a game that holds a lot of promise. It’s intriguing, exciting, at times rage inducing and fronted by a strong female lead who is unflinching in her quest for the truth. I loved it. But not in the way I was expecting… Taking place solely within the grey civic wallsContinue reading “Control: The Challenge”